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Renovation status--catchup

I haven't posted in a week, thanks to a non-working Internet connection the last night in the hotel in Portland, then post-travel brain fog, then a trip to south Georgia and back Tuesday and Wednesday and more post-travel brain fog. I did get most of this post sketched out on my PDA coming back from south Georgia (my brother was driving), so I'll put it in and do a further update later.
Word from Betsy on Friday the 19th was that they would start the floor tile on Wednesday. She also said the living room bookcases would be cut and assembled next week, and would be brought over at the end of the week or early the next.

Word on Monday was that tiling would start that afternoon, and that Gustavo and Mary, would do it instead of Jack, Mary's husband. And they did start—not at a wall and working out as I had assumed, but in the middle of the kitchen. They got roughly a quarter of the kitchen done.

Tuesday my brother and I headed to my father's in south Georgia to attend a bank shareholder's meeting. I called Betsy to say that I won't be home that night so it would be no inconvenience if the passageways were all freshly tiled and couldn't be walked on. (hint, hint) However, she told me Gustavo had to make an emergency visit to the dentist that morning so it wasn't looking likely that much would happen. My sister-in-law reported that they did work and most of the kitchen was finished, although the row at the wall and door that needed cut tiles (and a little more, too) was still incomplete.

On Wednesday I got a voice message to say how great the tile looks, and how good it should look with the cabinets. Genuine admiration? Flattering the client? Indicating that she'd been checking on the job? Probably a mix of all three. I thought perhaps that it indicated that most of the tile was done, but no.

A couple of hours later I got another call from Betsy. Can the painters work this weekend? (yes) What color should the ceiling be? (white) Parchment white, white white, .... (call Samantha, I don't know) What color should the trim be? (same as walls but semi-gloss) She also said she'd called Inman Park Granite to let them know we'd be ready for templating the countertops perhaps at the end of next week.

When I got back home Wednesday evening, it looked like the tile hadn't progressed past where it was at my s-i-l's report for Tuesday evening. But at least there was a completed path from the garage door to the Weird Room door, and from the Weird Room door to the hall.

I also noted that they put up the siding over the old door to the garage, and moved the wiring for the doorbell and the actual control for the garage door opener. Oh, and finally installed the deadbolt on the new door, having bought a ring to fill in the hole which was drilled too large for my existing deadbolt. It doesn't look great--must decide if I'm willing to accept it, or ask/demand that they buy a new door and drill the right sized hole.
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