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More kitchen updates

At the end of Friday, the tile was laid except for the edges--I assume that he did all he could without cutting tiles. Friday afternoon I met Jack, who heads up the tile operation (and who is also building my living room bookcases, it seems), and overheard a conversation about finishing up the tile. It appears that these tiles are really tough, and the smaller saw that Gustavo has with him takes forever to make a cut. Jack will bring him a bigger one so he can finish more quickly.

Jack had come to check on the tile, but also to take another look at the existing living room cabinets, as the new bookcases are to match them in style. He asked if it was OK to use a simple molding on the shelf fronts for rigidity--I said yes. We also talked about what to do about the HVAC vent that will be half-covered by the bookshelves. Jack thinks he will put it in the toe-kick of the bookshelves, and will try to patch the wood panelling with a piece from the area that the bookshelves will cover up.

Betsy left a message this morning about the upcoming schedule. Gustavo will come tomorrow (Sunday) to work on the tile installation. (Won't bother me--we've got tickets to a matinee for the touring production of Wicked.) They've decided not to grout until Wednesday or Thursday so the trim and paint work won't grind anything into the new grout job (even though it will be covered for the paint work, at least). Tyson wants to do trim carpentry on Monday, Joey (new name on the job) will paint whatever can be painted at this stage on Tuesday. The cabinets will arrive on Friday. Cabinet installation will start on the following Monday, and will take about 3 days.

I leave for the last Denver software testing trip of the year on Saturday, so I'll miss the day-to-day progress of the cabinets. That should mean I'll walk back in to something that's starting to look like a kitchen again when I get home the following Friday.



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