Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

More tiling...

Gustavo the tile guy showed up yesterday (Memorial Day) at 9:20 as I was leaving to go to Jazzercise. He worked until after 6--I'm not sure when he left as I was eating dinner next door at my brother's.

He checked with me at some point in the afternoon about where the cabinets would be, so he didn't have to cut tiles to go all the way to the wall. That didn't seem right to me (I'd expect a wall tiled far enough so that a baseboard would cover any small gap at the wall, should the cabinet configuration change), so I called Samantha this morning to confirm this then called Betsy to tell her about the problem. Betsy thought leaving some gap was OK, but when I said some of these gaps were 6-8 inches, she agreed that was not acceptable. I hope I also got the 'gaps coverable by baseboard' idea across, though with Betsy it's hard to be sure.

Betsy has now called back to say that Jack and Mary had been to check on Gustavo, had already spotted the edge tile problem, and were dealing with it. I'll see what gaps remain when I get home tonight.

If the cabinet installation really proceeds as Betsy predicted, and if Inman Park Granite can come template next week, the plumbing items need to be delivered before they come--the granite guys will take the sink with them to be sure they get the cut done correctly. Betsy will check with her plumbing house and let me know who to call with my credit card number to get those ordered. I'm also going to call the appliance store, Howard Payne, to be sure that my selected items are all still available--we're getting close to the time to get those delivered, too. The granite people will need the template sheets for the cooktop and pop-up ventilation system, but don't have to have them physically available.

On the general subject of remodeling, today's Non Sequitur cartoon is pretty good.
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