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Denver, day 2

More database testing, nothing much new there. I did see both of the Office of Ground Water Bills today. Bill A. is the head of OGW (and funds my national water-use work--the Water Use Program was put under OGW about 5 years ago) but is based in San Diego, not in HQ. Bill C. is under him and takes the lead on certain activities because (in part) he is in HQ. Both are in Denver for a regional conference--don't know why they were down at the training center where we are testing. Bill A. came into the water-use test room to say hi to all of us, but I just ran into Bill C. in the hall as I left for my lunchtime walk.

Nice evening, too. We ended up with one of those gender splits--5 guys headed in one direction, and 3 women in another. The female contingent ate at Mimi's, an unremarkable spot near the hotel that had several lighter food options, which is what we wanted. Then we went by a grocery store to replenish the test room chocolate supply (water-use testing runs on chocolate, preferably dark--the special 60% Lindt truffles have been going fast) and on to the river front in Golden to walk around for exercise. We walked up the creek side walking/biking path as far as the streamgage (Clear Creek at Golden), investigated that setup even though neither Kathi nor I had our keys to poke around inside. Kathi knows a lot more about gages than I do, as she does some surface-water field work.

The creek is lined with several parks, and a stretch of the creek itself is a whitewater park. Lots of kayakers out practicing turns and flips, and lots of people just out walking dogs, jogging, or otherwise enjoying the evening. There were also a large number of Golden police and fire department personnel out standing by the river, some in uniform, and some (less than half, I'd say), in rescue gear with floats on ropes like they might need to toss them to someone in the river. We haven't figured out what was going on--possibly a threatened suicide? Some other possibility of a river rescue being needed? By the time we walked back, most of them were gone. Will check the newspaper tomorrow...



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Jun. 7th, 2006 03:49 pm (UTC)
I'd think if you have kayakers practicing turns and flips, there by definition is a possible need for rescue. I've seen inexperienced paddlers flip a 'yak doing nothing more than try to paddle straight ahead and at least two I've seen would have been dangerous if there weren't help nearby. (In their defense, neither would have been paddling at all if there weren't help nearby.)
Jun. 7th, 2006 04:42 pm (UTC)
That was one of my theories, until we saw the group of 4 firefighters in turnout gear and with ropes headed upstream of the gage, which was already well upstream of the whitewater park and all the kayaker activity.

Nothing in the morning paper, so this may remain a mystery.
Jun. 12th, 2006 07:36 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you had happy times hanging with the hydro homies [& homettes]. :)
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