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Cabinet woes

Got to catch up a little, as I've had the usual weekend-in-a-nonproductive-fog after getting home from Denver.

Betsy had called me Friday morning to say the templating for the granite is delayed until Wednesday, and to tell me that she's not happy with the cabinet installer (it was the first time she used him, as she hasn't dealt with this line of cabinets before), and thinks he didn't do well getting the joins close enough together, putting the trim on correctly, etc. She's probably going to have her cabinet/carpenter guys take over and try to make it look better. This makes me feel just great about the job, of course.

Now that I've seen the status of the cabinets, I think she was being too kind--the installer really was incompetent. I mean, I can easily see that he used a some other sort of molding on one stretch of base cabinet instead of the quarter-round shoe molding that's everywhere else. My brother spotted a mis-aligned base cabinet (it's a row of 3, one of which isn't square) and the cabinet with a nail through it. The installer put the island in the wrong place, but worse than that, the island is 6' x 2' instead of the 6' x 3' called for on the plans. That is Betsy's problem, I assume, unless the order was filled wrong and the installer didn't notice. A 2' wide counter wouldn't leave room for the cooktop and the pop-up ventilation system, I don't think. Not to mention that it's not what I wanted. I also find that the living room bookcases have been installed on top of the carpet, and as I'm planning to replace that carpet as soon as all this work is done, I don't want to have to deal with trying to match carpet heights with the old. Maybe this is standard procedure, but I'd expected that they'd strip the carpet and install the bookcases (well, the toe-kick) on the hardwood floor beneath it.

So, my plan is to call Betsy tomorrow morning, and try to set up a meeting for tomorrow afternoon to look at everything and discuss how she's going to handle it. I'm going to take my brother and family to the airport around noon tomorrow, so I'll go to the office first thing, and take the afternoon off if Betsy can meet me.



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