Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

And even more on the cabinets

Well, the cabinets are even worse than I'd thought. Betsy couldn't meet me today, but told me that Jack would be here working all day. Jack is the tile guy (the good one) plus carpenter--he built the living room bookcases, which I'm fairly pleased with.

So I left the office at 11, rode down to the airport with brother and family and brought their van back (my brother will be back on Sunday, s-i-l and the kids will be gone until Thursday of the week following about an hour after I leave for Reno), and then headed in to talk to Jack. He'd found my approximate markings on the floor for where the island should be, and noted that I'd certainly been a lot closer than the installer. He then showed me instance after instance of badly installed trim, improper trim, unmatched pieces, bad shim jobs, and just incorrect work, like putting the wrong sized piece in next to the refrigerator location. Basically Jack plans to remove most of it and start over, and what Betsy has ordered is new trim pieces to make up for what can't be reused.

The most urgent work is the base cabinets in the kitchen, so as not to have to reschedule the granite templating from Wednesday. I see that they've repositioned the island, which will be made into the required 6'x3' instead of 6'x2' with trim that the previous installer didn't use. They've chipped out one floor tile, presumably one that had drill holes in it from the wrong location. Several wall cabinets have been removed, and the doors are off most of them so they can be removed or worked on.

Resolution on the bookcases-installed-on-carpet is that Jack cut the carpet and (I think) removed the piece underneath the bookcases. The current carpet edge is just tucked in under the bookcases, and I'll have a new tack strip put down there when I replace the carpet--right after the kitchen work is done. Jack shimmed under two areas where he has screws, but feels the rest is stable without shims as the bookcases are supported by being screwed to the wall. I think any gap between toe kick and new carpet should be fairly minor. Should I ever abandon the carpet and have the underlying hardwood refinished, I'll probably need a new toe kick.
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