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Micro pifflefest/LoisCon

Yesterday evening I got an email from callyperry (Gaude on LordPeter) asking if I was interested in a micro pifflefest/LoisCon on short notice. I was, and tonight I collected her at her hotel and off we went to sample some of the Atlanta flavor.

Starting with real food-type flavors, I took her to the newly opened second location of the Flying Biscuit, one of those eccentric neighborhood brunch spots that also does dinner. As their A/C was out, we took a table outside where there was some breeze, and chowed down while we piffled. We talked of books and bells and local pronunciations and spellings, and science fiction conventions and what we each do for a living and dancing and the relative development patterns of Atlanta and Boston.

When we finally let our waitress have her table back, I offered the tour of my personal construction zone--Cally has been following the progress on LJ. So I gave her a tour of some of the nicer intown neighborhoods on the way to my house, and then she got the tour of the new kitchen (cabinet bits still strewn everywhere), utility room, and Cat Room, and the messy rest of the house. But you know, it's a great thing about pifflers and Bujold fans--take them into a room with bookcases, and they don't see the mess at all because they're too busy examining the shelves and talking books.

I don't think I'll be able to get over to St. Luke's tomorrow night to watch and listen as Cally rings with the St. Luke's ringers, but she has inspired me to try to go to some other practice night and finally see some change ringing.


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Jun. 19th, 2006 02:39 am (UTC)
I would've loved to have come [I got to hang with callyperry some at the Boston WorldCon, & she's cool], but am glad y'all had a good time.

Change ringing--mmmm, Whimsey. :)
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