Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Compufest 2006

I'm in Reno this weekend, attending CompuFest 2006. It's a conference on investing in stocks by individuals and investment clubs, focussed on computer tools for helping people do this. (FYI, this is investing based on looking at the fundamentals of the companies before deciding to buy stock in them, as opposed to purchases because someone said the company was hot, or the price was really, really low (penny stocks), or day-trading, etc.) Eight or so years ago I got involved as a "WebOp", helping develop the (at the time) volunteer-maintainted Web site for NAIC, and spent a significant chunk of time coding Web pages, making graphics, and editing a series of online educational workshops. All that ceased abruptly in the summer of 2001 when a corporate decision came down to move to a "professional" Web site. While some of the WebOps have staying involved with NAIC, others, like me, just dropped out. But last fall I attended the other annual NAIC conference (the one not focussed on computers, and not run by the group that sponsored the WebOps), and decided I'd come to this year's CompuFest, see some old friends, and try to get myself inspired to pay a little more attention to my personal investments. (This did not work, incidentally, when I said the same thing last fall...)

So anyway, I'm in Reno, amid the noisy flashing slot machines, ready to go to some classes on investment topics. It was a tolerable flight out despite the screaming baby two rows up--turns out said baby and parents were on their way from South Africa to a small town in South Dakota, so baby being fretful was perhaps inevitable on the Atlanta-Salt Lake City leg. (Noise cancelling earphones are wonderful things, BTW...) I connected up with some of the old WebOp crew, collected compliments on my reduced size (great reinforcement for controlling my eating pattern over the weekend in the banquet meals), and listened to the gossip--the broader organization is having Problems, and the Computer Group Advisory Board that runs CompuFest is in major schadenfreude mode. Last night's Meet-and-Greet reception saw the Nancy reunion: in the height of the WebOp period, there were 4 of us Nancys very involved: Nancy I, Nancy C, Nancy dG, and me (Nancy B). Nancys I, C, and B are all here this weekend, and both I and B have not been attending in recent years (although Nancy I has been continuing her role online). Joe C., the former WebOp and Webmaster, was dragging people over to our little group and introducing us by letter.

I'll migrate down to the Cyber Cafe area shortly and see if I can get connected to the wireless network to post this and pull my email. Then I'll find lunch (last meal before the "all meals included" official program starts that runs through Sunday lunch) and get ready for the first classes this afternoon.
Tags: naic, travel

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