Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber


When my plane from Reno landed in Atlanta, I found 2 messages on my cell from Betsy. The granite people showed up unexpectedly and installed the countertops. (The calls were about placement of the faucet, instant hot water dispenser, and disposal switch, which can't be put where I want them because the sink's too big. Will deal with this later this week...)

I like them. I think they go well with the cabinets, and I'm having a good time finding neat cobbles and trying to vaguely identify some of the rock types--my petrology class was a *very* long time ago, and I'm not much of a rockhound.

It's hard to get a good picture with the flash reflections, but these came out OK. (Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.) That's the island, with the hole for the cooktop, plus here's the sink and the breakfast counter. If you're looking at the sink: I wanted the hot water at the back corner of the big basin (that is, on the right middle of the photo), and still hope it can be squeezed in there. The disposal switch will not fit behind the large basin of the sink because of the mounting clips underneath, and it can't go in the foreground of the picture because of a drawer. It will probably have to go on behind the small basin, which is a little non-intuitive because the disposal will be in the large basin. Oh, well...

But I have my geologist's countertops!
Tags: remodeling
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