Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Upcoming on the remodeling

Betsy met with Jack today at my house, and looked at a number of items. They've concluded that the hot-water dispenser can go where I want it, though it may clip the edge of the sink (underneath) a little. Don't know when the Inman Park Granite people will be back to drill the holes...

Jack will pick up the next round of cabinet trim pieces in Jasper (a town north of Atlanta) Friday of next week. He may do some work during the week on prepping for the laminate countertops, which are on order, and may also work on the oven cabinet--I assume getting it ready for the warming drawer to be installed, though what I scribbled down as I talked to Betsy was "work on microwave oven". Appliance installation will hopefully be scheduled for the week of July 10, when I'm back in town. Oh, the thought of a working dishwasher again!

And as I'll be in NY all next week, that will further reduce the number of days of hand-washing the coffee pot.
Tags: remodeling

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