Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Back from NY, and back to remodeling

We had a wonderful trip to NY: full report will follow, after I expand the notes I took on the PDA.

Remodeling status: the backsplash tile happened last week--nothing exciting here, it's white. Just white. Sister-in-law said "It's very...white." There's not much of it, though, so it's not a glaring white.

Today the electrician showed to trim out the cans, install my new pendant lights (pictures will follow, but it's this one), fix the slightly mis-wired three-way switch for the main kitchen light, install outlets and switch covers, and so forth.

I've been trying to pick out the sizes for the overhead fluorescent fixtures and the under-cabinet lights. I suspect I'm over-lighting the place, and will consult with Betsy and/or Samantha before telling Mary to place the order. Maybe I should google to see if there are guidelines for wattage vs. square footage of rooms...

The last of the cabinet trim materials may be in tomorrow, so that can get going again. The appliance people may show on Wednesday to install stuff, but the long-awaited dishwasher, for one, won't be complete until the plumber makes another trip. And the plumber will have to wait on the granite people, who have to return to drill the holes for the faucet, hot-water unit, and disposal switch.

However, I may have my new fridge and washer and dryer working after Wednesday. Maybe even the oven and microwave, though I suspect not the cooktop. The plumber may do the gas line for the cooktop, too, come to think of it.
Tags: remodeling

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