Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Today's work

Work today seemed to have been concentrated on prepping for appliances: the oven cabinet has been modified to remove the bottom drawer (a warming drawer goes there), and put in bracing below the openings for the oven and microwave. And the various appliance boxes were left spread across the garage, so I'm parked in the driveway. Here's hoping the appliances really do get installed tomorrow.

Mary called today to say she'd ordered under cabinet lights according to Samantha's plans, and that my emailed list of various sizes was a no-no for under cabinets anyway as you need to have all of them the same size. Otherwise, the light on the counter varies, and it looks like you have a bad bulb. She was more tactful than that, though.... Makes sense, but I'm not sure why she asked me for sizes in the first place. She also pointed out that the 27" x 27" fixture I'd tentatively picked for the Cat Room was too big to allow the cabinets to open fully, so we went down to the 27" x 16".

When I got home, the under cabinet lights were here--all 24" fixtures, which is too big for one of the spots they are to be installed. Unless they plan to cut a chunk out of one of the cabinet stiles...I'm debating whether I want to get involved in this one, or whether I'll take it anyway they do it (install the 24" somehow, or step that row of lights down to 21").
Tags: remodeling

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