Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Remodeling updates

Thursday's kitchen work began with me calling Betsy to relay a few things from the appliance installer (where to run the gas line and to install the cooktop electrical outlet, and about the need to trim the hole for the cookop). While we talked, she got a call from Mary who was at my house, and discovered that the appliance guy had walked off with the key. Luckily (?) he had also forgotten to lock the outside garage door and I had not locked the door to the house with the deadbolt, so they broke in with a credit card. Note to self: check lock-ups better...

Anyway, the granite people returned and drilled the holes for the faucet, switch, and hot water dispense, and trimmed the cooktop opening.

When I got home from work, every light in the kitchen, utility room, and Cat Room was on, including the halogen pendants. I carefully turned them all off, mumbling about energy conservation and thinking "not that much longer", then changed and went to Jazzercise. When I came back about an hour later, the pendant lights were on. I had a Twilight Zone moment until I spotted the note from the appliance installer, who apparently came back to return the key and also hooked up the cooktop except for the electrical. Guess the HVAC guy must have come to finish the ventilation run, and ran the gas line, too.

No work on Friday as best I can tell, and I was in and out most of the day. But today, when I came in from Jazzercise at 10:30, 2 workers were setting up to work on the cabinets. Despite wanting this job DONE, I told them to leave. Or really, I told them that "no one called me about Saturday work", and they took that as "we need to leave", probably partly because of a language barrier. I'm just as happy that they didn't argue, as I'm feeling rather like I'm getting the dregs here--working on Saturday to finish up something started on Friday is fine if approved in advance, but sending the 2 Hispanic workers who are wiling to work weekends over here, without supervision (which I grant I don't know if they need or not), says that my job didn't rate attention on the weekday when the supervisory types are around. I'll call Betsy on Monday and remind her that she said "weekend work only if approved in advance".
Tags: remodeling

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