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I set off Friday to do some <shudder>shopping</shudder> for the kitchen. One need: a compact upright freezer, as the one I had picked out and designed the space for having been discontinued by Sears (it was a Kenmore, and I can't find it under any other brand) sometime in the last year. I also wanted chairs for the new breakfast counter, and needed to look for window treatments--the kitchen is on the front of the house, so I need opaque window coverings that are easy to open for the picture window, at least--I open it as soon as I'm dressed to let the morning sun in, and plan to set up a bird-feeding station just outside so I can watch from the breakfast counter. These windows did have mini-blinds in them, but I'd like to upgrade a little from that look.

My brother suggested trying a Sear appliance outlet store, in the hopes that they might have discontinued models. I went to the two in town, found other compact upright freezers that are either too large for my space or smaller than I'd like to have, but none of the model I'm looking for. Two nice salesladies at the Discover Mills store took down the info and put me on the "customer wants" list, so I may wait a month or so and hope that one turns up. Might also go look at a K-Mart or two--they carry Kenmore now, and might be laggard in returning discontinued stock.

Chairs were easier: I like the Amisco line of chairs/bar stools that my brother and sister-in-law have in their kitchen, so went to Bova to see if they still have them. Success! You pick a chair style, a metal finish, and a fabric, then wait 4 weeks or so and the chairs arrive. It maybe 6 weeks this time of year, when the 2 week vacation shutdown hits--don't know if this is an Amisco shutdown (they are in Quebec) or a Bova one, but I can wait, so it's not a big deal. I decided on the Tommy, with Black Coral frames (it's a matte black) and Taupe seats. Thought briefly about the Champagne fabric, with circles and ovals that mirror the countertop, but decided to stick with my "everything plain but the counter" mantra. I thought about getting a chair style with arms, but that makes fitting 3 in impossible (and it's nice to have spill-over space for 3 kids there) and I suspect I'll rest my elbow on the counter just as easily as I would on a chair arm.

On to windows, which is seriously getting into "decorating", for which I have no eye and little patience. Add to this that curtains are among the things in this world that seem very overpriced to me (eyeglass frames are another), and this is not going to be fun. And add that these window treatments either have to be cheap (cheap enough to discard after a few years) or washable--this is a kitchen, and things will get that greasy film on them if not cleaned regularly.

I looked first at Target, hoping to find pre-made cafe curtains for the windows over the sink, and maybe a Roman shade that I could cut down to fit the odd-sized picture window. Found some possible cafe curtains in a natural cotton (close to the taupe chair seats, I hope), but the only Roman shade turned out to be impossible to modify so it would work in the picture window. So much for the $50 solution, I'm afraid. I'll try a Lowes or a Home Depot next, and see what else there is that might be cleanable and not too pricey. Web searches show that a Roman shade made to fit will run $200+.

And in other news, I ran three loads of laundry in the new washer and dryer today. (I did have to flip the breaker on the dryer outlet and turn on the water shutoffs for the washer.) The washer is small (it's a compact front-loader), especially compared to the extra-capacity machine next door I've been using, but I think it will handle my usual-sized loads. Comforters will get washed next door or in a laundromat. Oh, and I used the new warming drawer to keep the barbecued baby back ribs warm before taking them next door for dinner. Things are beginning to work!
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