Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
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Primary election voter's guide

It says...interesting things...about both Georgia and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that one of the questions the AJC asked each candidate was "Which current television character do you identify most with?"

Not to be snobbish about this, but I don't watch hardly any TV (I spend my time staring at a computer screen reading email groups and newsgroups, plus LJ, instead), so this provides me with very little information. Better yet, this question is one of only 3, the other 2 being "What experience will help you?" and "What issue got you into this race?" I'm pleased to note that a few candidates skipped the question.

A sampling of answers:
Judge Glenda Hatchet because she knows how to get our children back on track. (Dem. candidate for Governor). Her opponent said he's too busy campaigning to watch TV, except Braves games. The Republican challenger said Andy Griffith (hey, I do know some of these characters!), and the incumbent said MacGyver.

Lt. Governor candidates (I'm going to leave out most of the "whys"): Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover, Bishop Eddie Long and Bishop J.O. Patterson and Zig Ziglar, Matt Santos on West Wing, "I don't watch much TV", Jerry Seinfeld, Matlock

Secretary of State: McKenzie Allen Commander in Chief, Jeff Probst from Survivor, Oprah, another Andy Griffith, Jack McCoy from Law and Order, another Matlock, Brenda Leigh Johnson from The Closer, and Zell Miller (Fox News analyst and former Senator).

Arthur Branch from Law and Order
Grissom on CSI
Jack Bauer on 24 x5
Tommy on Rugrats (a State School Superintendent candidate)
the medium on Medium
Mr. Ratburn from Arthur (another State School Superintendent candidate)
Dr. Jack Shephard from Lost
"I don't identify with TV or fictional characters"
Taylor Hicks from American Idol x2
Martin Sheen on the West Wing (getting actors and characters somewhat confused...)
Popeye the Sailor Man (from a candidate for U.S. Congress)
Christopher Lowell (from an incumbent Congresswoman)
Lou Dobbs
"anyone being interviewed on the news or talk shows"
Tim Russart on Meet the Press
another Commander in Chief, and another
Judge Mathis
Paula Deen
Jed Bartlett on The West Wing
Casey Novak on Law and Order
Judge Amy in Judging Amy
Earl Hickey on My Name is Earl
Bill Cosby x2
Fat Albert (the cartoon version)
Fox Mulder from The X Files
yet another Andy Griffith
David Palmer on 24
Batman (the cartoon)
Detective Frank Pembleton from Homicide

Looks like we have a clear winner in Jack Bauer (5 that I counted) with 3 Andy Griffiths and 3 McKenzie Allen Commander in Chiefs for the runners-up.

Special mention to the incumbent State Representative (not from my district, thank heavens) who answered everything in a stilted 3rd person, including the "Residence" quesion: "Rep. Karla Drenner calls unincorporated Avondale Estates her home." Her TV question answer was "Rep. Karla Drenner is an avid fan of "The West Wing," because of all the characters working for good government." I note she managed to get the phrase "Rep. Drenner" into her answers 10 times.

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