Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

No fridge today. Fridge tomorrow?

No new fridge appeared today. In fact, there was no evidence of any work here today, so I guess the promised Tuesday appearance of the electrician was cancelled as well. (Might be that they couldn't get the one under-cabinet light that needs to be a smaller size.)

Yesterday there was work on the cabinets, which in part involved removing the back panel from the island (which covers a blank extension--the cabinet isn't as deep as the island) for some unknown reason. That's still off, and there's still lots of trim to do, and doors to adjust, and all the pulls to put on.

When I talked to Betsy yesterday she was already primed with an apology for the guys showing up on Saturday without prior approval. Her explanation was that Jack and his crew work 6 days a week, but Tyson works 5. Jack therefore tends to regard Saturday as just another normal work day. He has been told to ask me in advance for any future Saturdays.

I also discovered and reported to Betsy that the pocket door between the kitchen and utility room is warped badly enough to scrape against the frame. One other of the new pocket doors was warped and had to be replaced before the first painting was done--must have been a bad lot of doors.
Tags: remodeling

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