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Fridge installers

So, they showed up at 9:15 or so (early, good) after calling ahead. Got it unloaded, decide early on that the doors need to come off. They ask to borrow a step ladder as the lead guy is definitely too short to reach the top bolts easily, and I show them the one the contractor has here. A few minutes later they ask if happen to have a set of metric socket wrenches--clearly this model of fridge is one they don't deal with often. I don't have metric socket wrenches, but a quick trip next door produces my brother's set. (Meanwhile installer's assistant has removed one bolt with his adjustable wrench.) And a few minutes later, he confesses that my brother's standard socket set doesn't fit his driver, so I make another trip next door. Then they start on the bottom drawer (it's a French door fridge on top, drawer freezer on the bottom) and have to resort to the manual to figure out what screws hold in the drawer. I retire to wash dishes and leave them to it.

Next check: they've removed doors AND hinges and the drawer, and are maneuvering to get it in the door. I heard mumblings about "haven't seen one this tight on a standard door".

It's now inside and being re-assembled. They won't hook up the water line as it hasn't been run through the floor, and they don't get into drilling into tile and such. That will be left to the plumber, who (according to a call from Betsy this morning) will come sometime next week.

More from Betsy: the countertop for over the washer and dryer was damaged beyond repair during the "rolling" (I think) operation--I think that's part of the edge work--and will have to be re-done. The other counters will still be picked up today, which will let them get installed and let the utility sink be mounted ready for the plumber to hook up. The painter, Joey, will also come next week sometime to do the finish coat.



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Jul. 21st, 2006 03:44 pm (UTC)
"May your house be plagued with Contractors"?
I've been following your kitchen remodeling stories with not only interest, but the sort of horror you see when a small thing snowballs into something about to run you over. Wow! I don't know how you put up with it! I think you'll have a beautiful kitchen - and cat room - when all is said and done, but the amount of labor and difficulty and supervision still boggles the mind.

Best of luck!

Jul. 25th, 2006 08:46 pm (UTC)
If you put all these posts together, you'd have an epic. I'm just not sure if it's more Kafka, Brecht, or Buster Keaton. ;(
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