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My doctor is pleased with me.

In fact, he was almost ecstatic. When I saw him last October, prompted by vague chest pains (that turned out to be mostly acid reflux), my total cholesterol was 204, and the LDL/HDL breakdown was 137/37. In other words, the total level was marginal, the LDL ("bad cholesterol") was too high, and the HDL just barely made it into the good range.

This time, under the influence of drugs (Lipitor, though I've since switched to the cheaper Zocor), thirty pounds lighter, and eating a better diet, the total was 116, and the LDL/HDL was 61/42. The LDL seemed to be the cause of the most joy--though it may not hold that low with the drug change.

But today is for celebrating. I'll go back in 3 months to check it again.
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