Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

The push

They are working hard this week. When I made my usual post-work, pre-Jazzercise dash through the house to feed cats and change clothes, the electrician was here, Tyson was here (doing electrical, it looked like), and the 2 Hispanic guys who I think work for Jack were here. When I got home at 7:15, the 2 Hispanic guys were still working on cabinet trim. One of them, in fact, was stretched out on the kitchen counter so he could attach a bottom rail I grabbed leftovers from the fridge; noted that the folks next door, who were to leave town today for the weekend, were still here; and called to beg the use of their kitchen.

That was granted, so I went next door and made quesadillas from leftover pork tenderloin. I cooked and ate amidst their pre-trip mayhem: feeding the kids Subway sandwiches (adults' to be eaten in the car), cleanup, last-minute packing, other details. Then the dog-sitter arrived, as they thought they'd be on the road and would need him tonight. So the dogs were sent out for a walk with the sitter while more packing occurred. About the time I finished eating, loaded my dishes into the dishwasher, and left, they were almost out the door. (The dog-sitter had left earlier.) And as I walked home, I saw a truck pulling away from my driveway--the last 2 guys had worked until almost 8.

So, the progress: electrical outlets installed on the island, and the cooktop and downdraft vent have an outlet to be plugged into. Overhead fixtures are up in the kitchen and Cat Room, but not quite finished in the utility room. Various drywall areas have been patched--I wonder if the late push was because the painter is coming tomorrow. We'll see... I think they forgot to note that the old smoke alarm needs to come down, and that area will need more drywall work (or maybe just spackling). The dishwasher appears to have power. More drawer and cabinet pulls have been installed, but lots still to go. Unfinished boxes for the Cat Room "steps" have appeared. Still no more countertop installation, but with all the other work, there's a little more room in the garage tonight. And a fairly large pile of trash in the driveway.
Tags: remodeling

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