Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

I seem to have a kitchen

After another long day of work (the same 2 guys were here until almost 8 again), it's looking like A Kitchen. Yes, one countertop's still missing, as is one faucet, and the tilt-out panel for the sink front isn't installed, there's a little electrical left to be done, and some drawer pulls are missing. And the final paint coat is yet to be done. But...the appliances all work (the dishwasher is running right now! Washing my coffee pot and breakfast and dinner dishes for me, on the "top rack only" wash!) Oh, I haven't unboxed and brought the freezer in yet, as it goes beside the countertop that's being re-fabricated. It's not urgently needed, so I figure why not give them the extra maneuvering room for the installation.

The bookcases in the living room (and the 2 boxes for the cat steps) still lack work--bookcase shelves need the front lip trimmed down, and then everything must be stained and finished. Cat steps need tops and then staining and finishing.

The guys may be back tomorrow for more drawer pulls, that tilt-out panel (which needs consultation with Jack), and other miscellany I haven't spotted--I gave them permission, if they want to work. My guess is they'll finish up that little stuff then take a break until the countertop is ready. (I have no guess when they'll work on the bookcases and cat steps.) Then the final plumbing/electrical/painting etc. can happen (or some of it can happen at the subcontractor's convenience), we'll do a final punch list, and the whole job will be DONE. I note that demolition started on April 11th, so we're still shy of the contractor's estimate of 4 months to the punchlist stage.
Tags: remodeling

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