Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Devil cat

Must try to Photoshop some devil horns onto a photo of Fish, for use on posts like this one.

This morning Fish surpassed himself. First, he managed to reach up to the dining table and hook a paw over the edge of my cereal bowl, tipping damp cereal and milk into my lap, onto the placemat, and on the table and floor. Once I had that cleaned up (during which time the cereal got to the "almost too soggy to eat" stage) and changed pants, I moved to the living room sofa, as the floor was still drying around the table. (OK, so there's only one spot at the dining table that is clear enough to eat at, and that's where the wet floor was. Shifting Stuff to eat elsewhere was beyond me.)

I settled down with the remnants of cereal, coffee, and a halved hard-boiled egg for the rest of breakfast, and went back to reading on the paper. I looked up in a minute, and Fish was licking the salt off the plate beside the egg--I'm sure he just hadn't gotten around to trying the egg itself. I yelled, he jumped, the egg plate went splat onto the carpet...and I abandoned the paper and spent another 10 minutes cleaning up.
Tags: cats, devil fish

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