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Oh confusion...

I'm working at home today before I need to leave for the airport to go to Boise. But don't think of this as peaceful productive time, oh, no.

--The (chatty) painter is here and he's a rockhound and interested in the environment, so we've talked about the countertops, he took some plants I had dug up and am discarding, we've talked other gardening stuff, and we've talked about water issues and contamination.

--Tyson is here too, so we've talked about the (possible--might be a trick of the light and the floor tile pattern) scratch in the floor tiles in the utility room. And he also thinks the pan under the washer is too big. (Yeah!)

--The painter is going to stain the bookcases, so I called Betsy to say the front board with the knot had not been replaced, the lip on the shelves was still too big, and one board has a back edge that's missing a piece. Left a message.

--Betsy calls back to say Jack says he trimmed one board and showed it to me, and I approved it. I have no memory of this--I remember discussing it with him and talking about how wide it should be, but not him showing me a trimmed board. It's pretty apparent Betsy believes Jack, or just believes I'm being unreasonable about this. Upshot: we agree to split Jack's time to trim the shelf edge pieces again. I put the shelf I feel is unsatisfactory aside for Jack to look at. I hope the trim piece with the knot will be replaced. Jack thinks the 3 curved shelves will flatten out when placed flat, so I'll wait and see on those.

--The second call from Betsy includes the comment that Tyson wants to try to cut down the washer pan. (Tyson is, of course, still here, but we're working a message relay.) I agree and say I think that will be a good thing.

--I've dealt with work email, and fixed one work Web page that had a problem, and gone through my folder of stuff for the meeting this week to organize it for reading on the plane. That's about it on the "productive work" side. Have finished packing the suitcase, though. And checked in online. Flight doesn't leave until almost 6, but I'll go down a little early to avoid some of the rush-hour traffic.


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