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Today the last laminate countertop got installed, mostly, after it was damaged yet again during the manufacturing. The countertop is in place, but the low backsplash piece isn't, yet. Fish is pleased: this is the counter under the windows that cats are allowed on. All I can say is, getting either the washer or the dryer out from under it for service will be h*ll. But my architect thought it was such a good idea...

They also installed a small trim piece (at least I think it's trim, can't see what function it has) under the cabinets at the back--it's about a 1x1 that runs between the stiles. The annoyance is that to prop these pieces in while the glue dries, they grabbed my little pile of salvaged hardwood floor boards, intended for use in repairing problems elsewhere in the house, and cut them into short pieces to wedge them under the cabinets. GRRRRR!

In other news, I finally picked out a utility-sink faucet . Not a style that I particularly like, or that goes well in the room, but there's surprisingly little choice in a one-hole, hot-and-cold faucet that's small enough to work in the bar sink. The alternative was a style that appealed more, but I decided in favor of the single-lever control.

Other decisions for the week: the coat closet is to have a single melamine shelf (Betsy says it's so much easier to clean: I suspect she really doesn't want to have to paint a regular board) and a wooden rod. The closet door hardware is to match the other interior doors in the house, and the pocket door hardware ditto.

A kerfluffle over the bookcases not being smooth after staining and sealing was resolved as "the painter didn't sand them like he was told to"--the worst offending parts have been sanded and re-sealed and are much better. The front trim piece with the prominent knot that I've been complaining about all along didn't look better after staining, so they've cut off the board and put a new one on (which still has a (much smaller) knot...I give up) and will have to stain and seal that. It's all a battle of wills, I think.

Oh, and the old refrigerator is gone! The Monday before I left for Boise Joey the painter asked what I was going to do with it, and I said "give it away". The plan had been freecycle--just keep it out of the landfill a while longer. Joey needed a new one, so that shortened that process. Friday we arranged that he'd come with his wife on Saturday and get it. Well, it was an ordeal for them, of sorts: he borrowed a trailer, trailer blew out a tire then blew 2 patches on the tire on the maybe 50 mile trip from his house to mine, then after making several calls he couldn't find a place to buy a new tire. They gave up and left, then came back around 5 PM having driven back to his part of town and found a place to buy a trailer tire. We (well, Joey, mostly) squeezed the fridge through the front door (path of least resistance, even considering the front steps) and got it loaded on the trailer just as the thunder started rumbling for an afternoon shower. He left me a note Monday saying they'd gotten home without getting into too much rain, and the fridge was working well. On my side, I've moved the dining table back where it belongs. The old microwave was delivered to my father on my brother's trip down there a couple of weeks ago, so the remaining disarray in the Weird Room is the cardboard chest I'm using as storage for dishes, and the piano still is away from the wall because they haven't put the shoe molding in over the old door location. One more step toward normalcy.



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