Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Door hardware, electrical inspection

Yesterday's progress included installation of all the new door hardware (3 pocket doors and the new coat closet), the shelf and rod in the closet, and (finally!) turning over the lock in the garage door so the key goes in in the same orientation as the deadbolt. Still no strike plates for either deadbolt or knob on the garage door, though.

The garage was returned to a "their side/my side" state--I think my call to Betsy plus the note I left about them using the salvaged floorboards had some effect. Now that we're almost through, it should be a lot easier to keep all "their stuff" on "their side", and hopefully stop any rummaging around in my stuff for oddments like boards for props.

Today Rick the electrician showed up "early" (well, before I was fully dressed--stayed up late finishing Linda Howard's Cover of Night) to get a couple of things done before the electrical inspector was due at 8:30. So he swapped a few outlets for reasons unknown to me, and replaced an outlet in the bathroom that hadn't been installed as part of this job with a GFIC one, and replaced the white outlet on the dark paneled wall with a black one (that was just cosmetic, of course, but he asked if there were any items I'd noticed). Apparently the inspection can cover almost anything in this major a job. Inspector finally showed close to 10. Results were a couple of technical things for Rick to fix ("box extensions"), plus a requirement to ADD an outlet within 24 inches of the left of the sink. You'd think the code would be more concerned with keeping outlets away from the sink, even GFIC ones, but no. So Rick will have to return, pull out the dishwasher, and try to install an outlet. And that means a new hole in the backsplash tile, too...Jack will love it if he has to do more tile repair. Rick's also probably going to replace the ceiling fixture that turns itself off, as his fiddling with it hasn't fixed the problem. Probably a bad ballast.
Tags: remodeling

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