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Punch list week

I met with Mary last Friday and gave her one list of "things I've noticed". Then Sunday my brother and I went through the work areas again, noting down stuff like "cabinet has gap where it meets the wall" and "mitered corner of trim isn't smooth". The worst thing I found was the counter with the utility sink, where whoever installed it just mis-measured and came up short where the counter met the cabinet, so he just stuck in a skinny triangle of a patch that wasn't even level with the counter.

Monday I went home at lunch and met with Mary again to go over the new list--one guy was there working while waiting on the electrical inspector's return visit, too (it passed this time, I think). I'm glad I didn't start any real unpacking last weekend, as Mary mentioned that she had scheduled a cleaning crew for a final clean-up for Friday. I'm hoping this will get things so I don't feel compelled to clean myself or get my regular cleaning crew to do it before moving my stuff in.

Spotted one more thing this morning (a crack between a floor tile and the grout) and left a message for Mary. She just called back to ask if I wanted the closet rod painted, or sealed with poly (I said, just stain it--any finish would wear off as the hangers rubbed on it) and said the grout was already fixed. She's in charge of all this end-stage work, it seems, and has told everyone that all items need to be done TODAY. Cleaning is still scheduled for Friday. Tyson told her to hold off on the counter problem as the final-final inspector was due today, and it wouldn't be good to have any of the plumbing disrupted when he arrived...so the counter might not get finished if the inspector runs late and/or doesn't show, as he apparently did yesterday.



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