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Punch, punch, punch...

When I got home around 6:30 last night, Jim(?) was still there, working on things like cabinet door alignment and misc. painting--the cover for the electrical panel, and staining the closet rod. The bad countertop has been repositioned to eliminate the badly patched area, with only a little more caulking in the gap than might perhaps be ideal. They got the extra shelf into the cabinet over the fridge by cutting the shelf in half, then adding new clips to hold up the 2 pieces.

I started checking over my version of the punch list, and marked a few more than half of them as done. But of course, I added a few more notes, mostly painting touch-ups. The morning phone call to Mary confirmed that they know they aren't done and will definitely be working Friday in addition to the cleaning--she wasn't sure if/who might be there today. Friday will have a couple more (relatively) big items like trim installation (as opposed to, say, filling nail holes with putty) and replacing the floor of the cabinet under the cooktop where the vent, gas lines, and so forth go through. My brother thought to have me ask if this opening was sealed against varmit intrusion from the crawlspace: turns out to be a good thing to have asked, as it was not. Now it's on their list.

Still working on getting the bookcases functional, too. The holes for the shelf pins may have started out sized OK (I never checked), but after coats of poly most of the holes are too tight for my hand strength to get a pin in. They apparently tried to enlarge them yesterday but I still can't insert pins, so I suggested to Mary that someone go stick a pin in the holes in the study bookcases for a model. I suspect they are being conservative about the hole size (and that's a good thing), but the pins don't have to be a tight fit, just not so loose that the pin tilts or falls out.



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