Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Cabinet details and floor sealing

Work happened yesterday, but I didn't talk to anyone on the work crew about what was going on. Last night one major effort was apparent: they'd worked on the floor of the island cabinet where the appliance installer had cut a huge irregular hole. However, what they did was to take a "skin" board (instead of the replacement floor piece they'd ordered), cut it into at least 4 pieces to allow it to be worked in around the vent, the gas line, the electrical connection, etc., and then glued the pieces down. Unfortunately they miscut one piece (or didn't have a big enough piece) and left ugly triangular gaps at the front and left edges of the cabinet. With the glue bulging up in the gaps, to boot. Not Elegant, to say the least.

I debated calling Mary this morning to see if she'd seen it (or supervised it), but decided to wait--it didn't seem like her style at all. Good call, as when she spoke to me this afternoon she brought it up, said it happened because Tyson countermanded her instructions, and that they would be going back and doing it her way by replacing the floor with the new piece.

Other work: Mary sealed the grout of both the backsplash tile and the floor tile (and the house has another lovely chemical reek), worked on the deep scratches in the hardwood floor where they moved the old refrigerator, and worked on the shelf-support holes in the bookshelf. The hardwood is much better, though the scratches are certainly still visible. I can live with them--it's not the first significant damage to that floor. The shelf pin holes need a one-by-one review--some I can get a pin into fairly easily, but others are still quite stiff. But I didn't have the energy tonight to check every hole, so that will have to wait.

There's still one cabinet front that they are going to work on, plus I think some of the touch-ups are undone. Tomorrow night I'll try do another careful review of my list to see how many things I can check off as done and which are still not the way I'd like them.

Oh, almost forgot--yesterday was the last DeKalb County inspection!
Tags: remodeling

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