Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Unpacking, and misc. updates

Friday I'd hoped that Mary would come and seal the floor--turns out the noxious smell at at the end of the week was just from sealing the backsplash tile. I headed out to Weight Watchers just after noon, grabbed lunch, went to my hairdresser's and got a perm (with the bonus of watching a hummingbird repeatedly posing on a pole just outside her window), then ran multiple errands. Returned home to activity.

I did talk to Betsy asking for a contact at a carpet wholesaler she'd offered, as I'm now going to replace the living room carpet. Yes, I know there's hardwood under there, but a) I don't want to have live with the refinishing mess and smell (says the woman who's just finished 4+ months of mess...) and b) the carpet line helps define the boundary of the living room, which otherwise is just an extension of the already huge Weird Room. Betsy is also trying to help me get the granite installer to call me back so I can talk to them about the chip at the slot for the downdraft vent. Unfortunately, no one spotted the chip until I'd sent them the rest of the installation fee, so now I have no leverage...

While I'm on the remodeling update, I also talked to the appliance store, and got an admission that they dropped the ball on re-ordering the microwave trim kit (in black this time) and the replacement grille for the downdraft. They're trying again.

I've been unpacking off and on all weekend. The kitchen punch list goes on and I'm not putting things in a couple of cabinets that I know still need some work, but I've still managed to unpack all but the 2 dish barrels (the largest boxes I used) and one book-box size. A few items are still on the counter as I can't decide where they'll go, and the major utensil drawer needs a lot of organizing (and some stuff will move out of it, I'm sure), but Significant Progress has been made in moving into the new cabinets. And in celebration, I cooked orange pork chops last night, and grilled marinated game hens tonight. Oh, and vegetable stew Thursday, when the unpacking was just starting--I'd dug out the big covered frying pan, though, and that's all the stew takes.

I've discovered that gardening, jigsaw puzzles, and kitchen unpacking are all activities that I have a very hard time stopping, 'cause there's always just one more thing that follows from the last thing done...
Tags: remodeling

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