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Granite guy

Granite guy did show, though someone called to say he'd be late around 11:05--he got here about 11:30, I think. He admired the kitchen, including a comment (after I'd said I had been worried about the stone being overpowering) that this was the least so he'd seen. Or something like that--maybe it was "most subdued use of it". Well, I take it as a compliment--he also said that with black cabinets, the stone can be too much.

Anyway, upshot of the call is that he will send someone to fill the crack and hole at the downdraft opening with a dark epoxy sort of substance, and the 3 pits in the natural stone will have a sealer/filler applied that will keep them from looking rough (and hopefully will fill the two along the wall, which otherwise will probably collect little bits of trash).

After he left, I contacted a woman who wanted the packing paper and boxes I'd posted to freecycle, and she needed to get them immediately. And it was rainy, and I had thought of this list of non-work things I needed to do, so I punted on going to the office. Signed back into email, sent a note to my supervisor, read a message saying they'd announced my 20-year award at today's all-hands meeting (which I'd known about, the meeting that is, and my supervisor had given me the OK to skip as it was the same "the budget is tight next year, everyone will be affected" message), and that the certificate (that's the award, though there may be a pin, too) had been placed in my office. Gee thanks. The actual anniversary was last February.

Waited on the freecycler to come, then I went to the hardware store, the grocery store, went home to throw a chicken in the crockpot (having volunteered to feed sister-in-law and the kids tonight), back out to the gas station and the post office. Then home to make a few calls, and then it was time to work on dinner.

Big milestone: first meal for others cooked completely in my kitchen and eaten in my dining room (which is now cleared of most detritus from the remodeling). Nothing fancy, just salads, crockpot chicken, broccoli, and baby lima beans, with mac and cheese to supplement the kids plates. But cooked on the new cooktop, with my utensils and pots and all that.


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Sep. 14th, 2006 04:20 pm (UTC)
That had to make it feel like home again!
Sep. 23rd, 2006 02:05 am (UTC)
Quoth Crossed Swords during costuming workshops at DragonCon: "Epoxy is your friend."

Next time you have some boxes [about bookclub sizes], let me know; I'd be glad to come by, with lots of new friends to adorn your new shelves. ;)
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