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Got a call from Mary, who was meeting Jeffrey from the appliance place at my house and (I thought) was going to do the last of the punch list, too. I asked her to talk to Jeffrey about the dishwasher--it not in-frequently leaves soap residue or the whole tablet after the cycle is done.

She called to report, and said that Fish was peering out of the green cat hut/bed, which is on the Cat Room counter. I haven't seen either cat go anywhere near that bed--Fish is usually sleeping in the blue cat bed on the laundry counter, which has a window view. Guess the green cat bed stays....

Mary reports that the microwave trim kit is now black and it makes a lot of difference in the kitchen look. The downdraft vent cover hasn't come in, so Jeffrey is to call me when it does. (Makes note to self to keep checking...) The dishwasher, he says, it a problem this model has with the tablets: I should try powder or liquid. He says the tablets get turned cock-eyed and jam the compartment door somehow. Bosch recommends the tablets, of course.

And Mary has taken a piece of trim away to cut to size, and will return to install it and do the touch-up painting. The light fixture cover still is on order, and the other light fixture (the one with a bad ballast that must be replaced) is...we don't know. She will contact the supply house to check on it.

Friday the carpet people are supposed to come and measure, then Home Depot will call me and I'll make the actual purchase. So far I've just paid a fee for the measure that will all be credited to the full purchase. And Friday afternoon the granite people are to come patch the problem areas.


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