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Taxes are done

At midnight, I had gone through all the Federal and state bits once in TurboTax, which had told me I owed lots of money to each, plus a $76 penalty to the Feds and $48 to the state for underpayment. At that point, $76 sounded pretty cheap to be done, though the extra $48 made me waver. Anyway, I quit for the night.

This morning, it really seemed like a couple of hours would let me check over everything, do the annualized income bit for form 2210 that often gets me out of the penalty, and then I'd be done. And I'd taken the precaution of telling my supervisor that I might not make it in today, and I brought home the info I needed for a conference call this afternoon.

The Federal part didn't really take too much longer than my estimate, not counting the time it took to put TurboTax on the laptop because the iMac, which hasn't been upgraded to Panther yet, can no longer see the printer that's hooked to the laptop. And I reduced the penalty to $36, which doesn't cover my salary for the 2 hours, but it's the principle of the thing that counts. But I then spent more than 4 hours wrestling with the Georgia underpayment form which is mostly not automated in TurboTax. I calculated one set of number for one possible penalty exemption, only to discover I'd done it wrong. Went to the Web and downloaded the full instructions, recalculated, and was told the penalty had jumped from $48 to $87. I took a quick look at the other penalty exemption, decided it was going to take even more time, deleted all the numbers from the form, and took the default penalty. Grrr.

Well, the envelopes have been delivered to the Post Office and hand-canceled, and I'll wait to see if the e-filing comes back with any problems before filling out the forms to get all the rebates back from Intuit. So, I'm done, kind of, unless something bounces, or the IRS finds the 3 numbers (totalling $4) that I omitted to avoid filling out 4 or more additional forms, or.... Double grrr.
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