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Excuses of the 21st century

There are two things on the schedule for today: an affiliate for Home Depot to measure the living room for new carpet sometime in the morning, and Inman Park Granite to repair the countertop problems. Inman Park called yesterday around 5:30 to confirm....but somehow the appointment changed from 3 PM to "somewhere between 2 and 4, he'll call when he's on his way". OK, I'll live with it.

This morning Measurecomp (?) calls (they were to call between 7 and 9 to say when they'd be coming--the call came at 9:30). They are so sorry, but the technician's computer crashed and he can't come measure carpet. Huh? It takes a computer to do the measure? I can see wanting a computer to record the data and maybe prompt for various questions to ask, but don't they have a backup system? (Like, duh, a piece of paper?) I begged for an appointment tomorrow, but (after checking with a supervisor and calling me back) that wasn't possible. So it'll be next week, and as I have conference calls scheduled every day Monday through Thursday at the office, it won't be until Friday. I can't find out how this affects the installation, because this company doesn't do that--they just measure, then transmit the information to the store salesperson who then handles the payment. Then it will move to a third company that will have to call me and schedule installation. I may not have new carpet before the influx of relatives for niece's bat mitzvah Oct. 28, especially as there's a week in there when I'm in Moultrie for the agricultural exposition.


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Sep. 23rd, 2006 07:07 am (UTC)
I'm still talking about how fabulous your granite is. I'm sorry it's problematic, but still, could you send me a link to the picture of it sometime when you're not quite so busy?

Tx, C
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