Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Attaboys (and attagirls)

In between today's conference calls, I went to get my supervisor's signature on something and he gave me a nice Lands End fleece top (the ThermaCheck 100 Half-Zip Pullover) embroidered with the USGS logo. He'd had a little money left here at the end of the fiscal year, and spent it on these for everyone in his section. Well, the women all got one, and I assume the men got some comparable item of clothing also with logo. He delivered it with a nice appreciation for my work this year and my efforts to bring in money for my salary.

Nice top, if the color scheme is a little odd. The top is black with cobalt blue side panels and undersides of sleeves. The logo is USGS green, or maybe even a brighter green than the specified shade. But it's comfy, so who cares?
Tags: work

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