Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Bye, bye, contractor

Yesterday (yes, Saturday) the electrician and helper arrived at 8:30 to chase down the reason one garage outlet was dead. It took them an hour of clambering around in the attic and communicating through another outlet hole in the garage ceiling, but they found the wire had gotten cut, maybe back during demolition, and never re-connected. Which explains why the work crews were always using the ceiling outlet--I thought they just liked having the cord hanging down, maybe.

Then around noon Mary arrive to add more caulk to the seam that was too low. I also pointed out two touch-up paint needs that had been missed, and she borrowed a brush from me and did those two. And then we agreed that that was all on the punch list, and that she will email me the final bill on Monday.

OK, there's still some stuff outstanding: the electrical supply house supposedly has a replacement fixture on order for over the sink, and I'll ask them to look at the humming Cat Room light when they come to replace the other. And I want to call the appliance store again and talk about why the dishwasher often doesn't release the soap dispenser door at the right time, so that half a tablet or more of soap is left at the end of the cycle. The relayed message that I should just use powder (when the manufacturer's instructions say to use tablets) is Not Satisfactory.

However, the contractor sign-off moves this from the realm of "renovation" to "maintenance"--I say the kitchen is Done!
Tags: remodeling

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