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We had a nice MiniLoisCon last night at Crescent Moon at Northlake (easier access and parking than the Decatur one, site of many other MiniLoisCons). The occasion was the visit of toraks with Tom and the oh-so-adorable Sean all in town for a neuroscience conference (Tom gave his poster session yesterday with Sean on his arm--I think it must have added a nice touch <g>), toraks's cousin Vani, filkferengi and Marty (Happy birthday, filkferengi! I didn't know it was coming up, or we would have gotten you a candle in your dessert last night...), and Dawn B. and her mother. We took over a couple of tables and camped there for the evening--luckily the restaurant wasn't that busy, so I don't think we hurt our waiter's business too much.

We talked Bujold list, made faces and played games with Sean, gave our general non-spoilered feelings on TSK:B (not everyone had read it yet), I gave the kitchen remodeling update and toraks compared notes with her pre-baby bathroom remodel, and on and on. filkferengi successfully pushed books on Dawn, but had less success with me--Dawn got a few I might have taken, and most of what was left I already have or don't read. She did talk me into one, though--filkferengi is a world-class book pusher, after all!


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Oct. 15th, 2006 06:15 pm (UTC)
How fun! Thanks for the report; it makes me feel like I was there.
Oct. 19th, 2006 09:04 pm (UTC)
I wish you had been; *you* could've hiked to the Siberia where Dawn & her mom parked their car [which they've taken to doing to get more exercise]. Walking that far [especially with dinner and good company impending] is for the birds, so you would've enjoyed it. ;)

Dawn had book boxes for me, & I had books for her, so it worked out quite nicely. The only thing was, toraks & co. got there so late, even I didn't have the heart to come between them and dinner [as any hobbit philosopher worth her mushrooms will tell you, it's all about the dinner], so they didn't get to look at the loads of books I'd brought. But then, I'd already taken toraks to two bookstores on the 12th, so no one can say I didn't contribute to the cause. I told her to drop her books off at her parents' & let them bring the books over with them on their next visit. But then, I'm evil like that.

Thanks for the kind words, nlbarber!
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