Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Reading log: McCaffrey and McCaffrey, Dragon's Kin

This book is presumably the hand-off of the world of Pern from mother to son--it's co-authored by Anne and Todd McCaffrey. I won't try a plot summary, but the book focusses on watch-whers, and reads like one of the juveniles in the series, such as Dragonsong. It's not a bad little story, though I'm glad I got it from the library and didn't buy it. (Actually, I quit buying Pern some time ago, and really don't make an effort to read them unless a copy drops in my lap.)

Most annoying was the poor editing, blame it on the authors or the editor as you will. Not in the typos/grammar sense, but in the plot line. I'm a pretty head-down reader, and lots of inconsistencies and such can go right by me, but in Dragon's Kin, they jerked me from the story several times. Such as the early scene where Kindan, the protagonist, sees and explains how a watch-wher goes between. In the middle of the book, Kindan wonders if his young watch-wher could be taught to go between, "like a dragon", and the discussion continues to conclude that watch-whers couldn't be taught that, only dragons and fire-lizards. Then in the book's climax, Kindan asserts that watch-whers can go between as he saw his father's do it.

The other example now escapes me, but it was an info-dump that was repeated early on, leading me to say "but you just told us that!"

Oh, well, I still enjoyed the story, and will pass it on to see if my niece might like it.
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