Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Weekend, where'd it go?

My father and I drove up to Atlanta on Friday, getting here around 11:30 AM--in time for me to get to Weight Watchers (up 1.4 lbs after the not-so-careful eating last week). Can't recall what we did Friday afternoon, but it must have been errands and/or working on the list of pre-bat-mitzvah chores. A grocery store stop was in there somewhere, I know. Oh, put the replacement torchiere together, after having to steal a missing part from the light socket of the broken one. More stuff, too, I'm sure.

Saturday was the "Walk to Cure Diabetes", which I will write up as a thank-you to my supporters and post here as well. We were all pretty wiped out afterwards, and ended up with some of us going to Panera for lunch and bringing back stuff for the rest. I ran a couple of errands (returning the broken torchiere to Lowe's included), then my father and I went to the Michael C. Carlos Museum for In Stabiano, an exhibit of frescos and a few other pieces from Stabiae, a town of seaside villas that was destroyed in the same eruption of Vesuvius as Pompeii. Pliny the Elder died at Stabiae, suffocated by the volcanic fumes while on the shore trying to get away by boat. Interesting pieces, but the interpretive material about the villas, used by the Roman elite for entertaining and politicking (usually at the same time), was more so. Those villas were huge!

After that, I tackled some yard work--the shaggy shrubbery between my house and my brothers, which will be eminently on display to the relatives who come to the post-bat-mitzvah brunch next Sunday. Got those mostly done, placed a take-away order at Outback for everyone, finished one more shrub, then went to pick up the food. Well, most of it--they left out one steak, for which they were very apologetic when I called back. Sister-in-law went to get it (it was her meal) and returned also with a gift certificate for $45--the total bill had been $110.

Today has been more work on the list. Shopping, gardening here and next door, unsuccessful searching for a cord channel to hide some speaker wire, hanging a cat-themed batik over the piano in the Weird Room, and cleaning some furniture. Some reduction in the amount of paper piled on my study desk, but I think I'm the only one who could notice.

I'm going to try to work a short day tomorrow, but after a week away and with 2 conference calls scheduled, it might not be much shorter than usual. Tuesday will be a half-day, though--I've got a service appointment scheduled in the afternoon for the dishwasher, to see if the problem with the soap dispenser can be fixed. And I'll be doing more chores while waiting on the repairman, of course.
Tags: charity, family

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