Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Week in a fog

It has not been a very alert week. Last weekend was my elder niece's bat mitzvah, with surrounding festivities and family gatherings, some of which was at my house. With the lead-up of getting house decorating, repair, and cleaning done, the actual parties left me wiped, and my week at work was somewhat foggy. Ending with today: I left my pocketbook with all ID, office cardkey, etc. at the office as I left at 5, and had to call and find a friend who was still there, ask her to wait until I got back there, and go and get it. Left the office originally at 5, got home the second time around 6:20. So much for Jazzercize this evening--class started at 6.

Here's hoping I'll get my brain back over the weekend...
Tags: life, work
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