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Cat stuff

(Must get a picture of all 3 cats...but this will have to wait until Agatha allows Fred to get close enough to be in the same frame.)

First significant kitten damage: a curtain rod in my bedroom has been pulled off the wall. Granted, the curtain rod support at that end was not really well established, but I did think the molly bolts in the drywall would hold up better. Now I must consult with my brother about how to repair this--larger drywall anchors or molly bolts will probably need screws too big for the support's mounting hardware.

On the other hand, Fred is really cute.

More serious note: for some as-yet-undetermined reason, both adult cats didn't eat yesterday or Saturday night either, really. When neither touched their dry food this morning and even a canned tuna and salmon cat food failed to get more than a few licks, I bundled Agatha off to the vet, as the more fragile one who would be in trouble first. (Cats need to eat, or they develop liver damage after just a few days.)

No obvious cause could be determined, so she got sub-Q fluids to be sure she's not dehydrated, blood tests to check on the kidney disease (these were due anyway, and it was a faint possibility), and an anti-nausea shot. And a can of supposed-to-be-really-good canned food to tempt her appetite. Blood results showed nothing--the kidney disease is still controlled, nothing else abnormal--so we wait and see. She was mildly interested in the canned food tonight, and ate maybe a teaspoon of it. Fish was somewhat interested in his normal dry food, but when the canned stuff came out he dove in. I'm hoping Agatha is just taking a little longer to get over whatever it was.



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Dec. 12th, 2006 04:10 pm (UTC)
{{{{Ear scritchies}}}} to the poor kitties and to you (well, hugs, since you probably don't want your ears scratched!) for the worry!

Hope all turns out well!
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