Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Still need that forensic plumber

The toilets had problems again yesterday, and management closed the main restrooms and the hallway outside them (which eliminates access to the break/coffee room) for most of the day.

Today, a PortaPotty was installed in the vehicle compound. My office neighbor was rather appalled that there's only one--she had envisioned a Men's and a Women's. Right....

One assumes the PortaPotty will stay there as a contingency until the office chief gets tired of paying for it. I can't imagine that this will have any effect on our vandal. I'm also a little surprised at the number of people who can't believe there's a vandal at all--I haven't heard good alternative explanations for the events yet, but there's a group insisting that nevertheless it's impossible that someone is doing this on purpose. I'd like to think not, but the evidence is rather strong the other way.
Tags: work

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