Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Brush with a celebrity...well, nearly

I wandered into a store called The Pet Set this afternoon, in search of some super-duper catnip toys I'd read about. (Found 'em, and Fish found the bag about 10 minutes after I brought it into the house. He'd like his Christmas present early, thank you.) I headed straight for the cat toy area, not paying any attention to the other shoppers. And it seems I missed Janet Jackson--not that I would have recognized her if I had seen her, unplugged from pop culture as I am. Later I overheard the store clerk and another shopper as they were surveying what was left of the store's Christmas cookies for dogs, and the clerk said JJ bought 9 pounds of them.

I will leave any obvious comments about JJ's dogs and/or friends to someone who cares enough to make them...
Tags: misc

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