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Must stop mentally composing LJ posts, and just do it. Short is good, esp. if the alternative is nothing...

I have procrastinated a little too long with Fred--haven't made the appointment to have her spayed, and now we are all enduring her first (and only) heat. She's had several bouts of howling, trying to call in a tomcat: I'm being very careful with doors so she doesn't dash out. She's prostrating herself in front of Fish regularly: he doesn't grasp the concept, and just tries to play. He does find her butt a little more interesting than usual, but that's about it. She plants herself in front of him and sticks said butt high in the air. He walks around her. She even tried posturing in front of Agatha, which earned her a growl and a hiss. Agatha remains Unamused by a third cat in the house.

Tomorrow. Must call the vet tomorrow.
Tags: fred

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