Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Scheduling difficulties

I called to schedule Fred's spaying last Friday, but Amelia, the head of the rescue organization and who works at the vet who does spay/neuter for them, doesn't work on Fridays. I thought anyone could schedule the appointment, but it seems Amelia needs to do it for the pre-paid adopted animals.

The beginning of this week was hectic, so I didn't manage to call again until Thursday. Oh, Amelia's not working today, she'll be in tomorrow (Friday). I didn't bother to ask why.

Called back a few minutes ago at 10:40 AM. Amelia's gone for the day--she'll be in Monday. Grrr.

And on the home front, Fred's heat seems to be tapering off. But it will repeat in 2-3 weeks if the spaying doesn't happen, so I really need to get that appointment.
Tags: cats, fred

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