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I'm blaming it on yesterday

As I pulled the rolling laptop case out of the back seat this evening, it felt suspiciously light. Like, maybe the laptop wasn't in it. Yep, power supply and external drive were there, but the laptop had been left in the office. And after I'd managed to remember to transfer a couple of files to it that I want to work on this weekend...

I went ahead and changed and went to Jazzercise, but left when they moved to the floor after the aerobics. Drove back to the office, negotiated the security system, and collected the laptop. Then drove home and fixed supper.

And why blame it on yesterday? Lack of sleep. I agreed to go with a co-worker to a meeting at the State's agricultural water permitting office in Tifton, 3 hours south of Atlanta. Co-worker didn't want to risk being late, so he picked me up at 6 AM for the 10:30 meeting. (We were there at 10 after 9--luckily the guy we were meeting was there and available so we could start talking.) But I'm normally not quite conscious at 6 AM, so I had "early morning syndrome": set 2 alarms, toss and turn trying to get to sleep worrying about waking up, then wake up too early. Several times. I'm definitely still feeling the effects today.

Despite that, the meeting was interesting, plus I got some work done on the laptop while Lester drove. Oh, and I got to show my kitchen counter off--Lester may be the first geologist to see it (besides me), and he's a "real" (current, working) geologist who can be found out field mapping whenever he can find an excuse to. I, for contrast, haven't had my rock hammer out since grad school and stick to identification of about 10 common rocks these days. Anyway, he was suitably impressed by the metaconglomerate, especially the variety and size of the cobbles.


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Feb. 9th, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
It really is a gorgeous countertop!
Feb. 12th, 2007 04:57 am (UTC)
Wot She Said.
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