Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Apple dumplings and apple explosions

A couple of days ago I decided to treat myself and made a couple of apple dumpings, using bought pie pastry. They came out well, looked like they should (apple enclosed in pastry), and I ate one, gave the other to my niece. Those were made with Pink Lady apples, which is my favorite eating apple.

The rest of the pie pastry was still in the fridge, so I decided on a repeat, but with a real cooking apple--Granny Smiths. And the result is something like an apple explosion--the pastry top is recognizable, but below that is a spread-out mess of apple mush. Has the Granny Smith ceased to be a cooking apple while I wasn't paying attention? Did some unknown variation in water content make these particular apples steam and go boom? I have no idea.

I will scrape up one with a spatula for my dessert tonight, but the other may be discarded as unable to be stored for future use.
Tags: cooking

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