Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Weekend review

I trekked down to south Georgia last weekend to visit my father, and also to tackle any of various chores he wanted assistance with. The idea is that either I, or my brother and family, or all of us will try to get down there once a month or so to Do Stuff. Chores. You know, things that keep getting put off or that need an extra hand to get done. (Don't think all of our chores are done and we're looking for extra....but it's sometimes easier to do someone else's, y' know?)

So anyway, I drove down Friday morning wondering if Daddy would have anything for me to do. Not a problem--he had 4 pages of notes on Stuff To Do.

-sorted his charitable donations file to see if there were IRS-acceptable receipts for everything
-talked over what to do about a couple of other financial matters--a municipal bond snarled in the Delta bankruptcy, and some notes from another bankrupt company that had absconded to Bermuda. No conclusions reached. Also none on the insurance policy that wants more and more investment to keep the benefit--I know very little about life insurance being in that group of people who don't need it, but my instinct says this is no longer worthwhile. Punted this one to my brother for further analysis.
-reviewed his safe deposit box inventory, and was shown the location of various other Important Papers. Also some not so important, but very interesting and not-to-be-lost papers, like letters my mother wrote.
-helped put a valuation on the family corporation, so that could be plugged into his otherwise (mostly) complete personal financial statement
-went through various cabinets, drawers, and corners in a clean-out mode, and brought back 1 box of stuff to be added to the households here, and 2 boxes of other stuff + a high chair + a booster seat for the upcoming yard sale
-changed 3 fluorescent lightbulbs, and concluded a 4th needs a new fixture
-was given the tour of "things that need doing to the house", and made a list for future weekend work (or for passing on the cousin who lives there and runs a contracting business)
-acted as clothes consultant for a clean-out of the winter wardrobe and made a list of replacements needed before next winter
-did a little cooking. OK, we ate part of a homemade chicken pie supplied by his retired housekeeper (she still cooks for him occasionally) one night and went out one night, but I did try a recipe for boneless pork chops in an onion-and-cherry glaze which turned out well. He has chicken pie and pork chops for future meals to provide variety from frozen stuff and his own cooking.
-kibitzed as Daddy printed a scan my brother made of a picture from 1961(?) of our family at the beach.
-probably more that I've forgotten

Here's the picture, just for fun: that's me in front, then younger brother (the one who lives next door), my father, older brother, and older sister (who died at age 18). My mother probably took the photo.
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