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Hawk in the yard! I didn't get a long or a good look, as said bird moved fairly quickly from perch to perch and then out of sight. The one look I got with binoculars was of the back, which looked to be a fairly uniform blue-gray. Coopers? Sharp-shinned? Or something else, perhaps. Will hope for a repeat sighting so I can get a positive ID.

And in other bird-watching news, I painted the old bird pole a couple of weeks ago, and mounted a bird house on it. Blue bird sized house, but so far the only action I've spotted was a chickadee checking it out. I really don't expect to attract a tenant the first year it's out, anyway, but it's fun to keep an eye on it and hope.

The bird pole, BTW, was in the yard when I bought this house back in 1994, and had an old, partly broken feeder on the top of it that was too high for me to fill, plus being too damaged to hold seed anyway. A year or two later robins nested on the feeder platform, and sometime after that the feeder destruction was completed by a limb falling on it in an ice storm. So the pole and its squirrel baffle sat rusting in the yard while I thought about painting it and mounting either a feeder (at a height I can reach) or a bird house on it. And now, after approximately 6 years of contemplation, it's done. The bird house isn't ideally mounted for observation because of the orientation of the existing holes, but it will do--from my desk here, I see one side, which means I should be able to spot birds going in and out of the entrance hole that's perpendicular to me.



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Mar. 11th, 2007 05:29 pm (UTC)
Go by size - Coops are crow-sized, Sharpies are more robin-sized.
Mar. 11th, 2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
That's a good guideline, thanks. This was crow sized or a little larger, so Coopers...if not something completely different. I really didn't get much of a look at it!
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