Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Baby bluebird!

I've been wondering if the bluebird pair that took up residence in my birdhouse this spring had raised any young. I think the question is answered--on the feeders outside the study window are male, female, and one fledgling bluebirds. Baby is flying pretty well, but is still begging for food when a parent comes nearby. They began all perched in a row on a horizontal bar that holds a feeder, and Dad delivered a little food. Now Dad has gone off, Baby is on the gas grill (but is trying to figure out how to land on the suet feeder), and Mom is watching from the top of a feeder pole.

Baby is nattily attired in a blue tail, blue wing tips (pun intended), and spotted/stripey chest and back.
Tags: birds, bluebird

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