Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber


Odd what you navigate by...

The True Value Hardware store locator shows me an overview map of the first 5 (of 7) stores located within 20 miles of my house. BUT...the map doesn't have I-285, Atlanta's perimeter highway, on it, and it is disconcertingly difficult to figure out where the stores are without it.

If I zoom in a couple of clicks it appears, but if I ask for driving directions, the overview map doesn't show I-285 even though it routes me on it. The I-675 spur is unconnected on that end. Driving the phantom highway!
No I-285

(OK, the prosaic explanation is that their roads database has I-285 tagged as a lower-level road. Bad GIS, no cookie!)
Tags: misc

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