Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Weekend reading

Well, finished this weekend.

Bloodring by Faith Hunter was good-but-not-great: a post-apocalypse (think the Biblical version) novel with an odd mix of mages and seraphs and mystic rituals and relic computers and the Internet and horses. You get the idea. It took some slogging to get through it, but overall it was positive. I'll read the sequel, if I can get it from the library or PaperBack Swap--I don't think I'm going to buy a trade paper edition of it.

After slogging through Bloodring, I somewhat reluctantly picked up the other library book I had out: Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It's a Big Fat Fantasy (close to 700 pages), something I rarely manage to plow through these days. But I saw several mentions of it on SFF.Net, the library had it, so I requested it. Wow! Got sucked right in--was up too late Friday night, slowed down a little on Saturday, and finished it off this afternoon. Now the real problem: it's a BFF trilogy, and part 2 isn't due out until next spring. By the author's blog, he's still working on revisions. And then (assuming the quality holds up) I'll have to wait on part 3.

The slowdown yesterday is my only negative for the book, and it's more a personal preference. I started to get that 'watching a train wreck' feeling that the opening of Bujold's Memory has as well--a protagonist doing things that made you want to reach in the book and shake him to say "Bad idea! Stop that!" In this case it was the running feud, plus the pursuit of the girl of mystery. Both of which are still going on at the end of part 1, though the feud dropped back in intensity. Both actions are supported by the character as written (he's 15 through most of the book, first off), but I have a problem watching slow-motion train wrecks.
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